How do I order?

A. The easiest way to order is to click on the link "Buy Now" that takes you to our collection page and lists all the frames available for purchase. Simply choose your frames, add do cart and checkout. Once order is complete you will receive an order confirmation and an email with once order is shipped with tracking information.

You can also send an email to or click on the Chat button below. Someone will be available to explain what deals we have going on at that time.

How many do I have to order?

A. For frames listed in our collections (Buy Now page) no minimum is required. For special deals, usually send by email, a minimum will be specified. This changes daily, as our deals change daily. Larger discounts are available for larger volume orders.

Are the frames real?  

A. 100% Authentic Frames purchased directly from the Distributors.  We do NOT buy direct from China or anywhere over seas.  These are NOT fakes from Alibaba website. These are NOT 3-D printer frames made to look like the originals.

How are you able to get such good pricing?

A. Due to the competitive market, and the rise of independent eyewear companies, the larger manufactures are now offering substantial discounts for very large bulk ordering. Most offices can not afford to buy 1,000 frames of one brand.  Therefore, we pool our offices together to qualify for such pricing.  ODs United, then sorts the frames and delivers to the respective private OD's.

Can we return frames we don't want?

A.  ODs United will accept returns of the ENTIRE order.  Example, you order 50 Lacoste, you can mail back all 50, not just the ones you don't want.  We do not accept individual returns, because ODsUnited is an Non-Profit corporation.  We charge just enough to pay our overhead and payroll to sort, pack, buy, and deliver frames.

Who pays for Shipping?

A.  The buyer pays for Shipping and handling, which is very fair, as we get great pricing via UPS and USPS.  This price is calculated and will be on the invoice when completed.

What Brands do you Carry?

A.  ODs United is independent, thus we can get almost any brand.  If a brand you want is not listed, please contact us, as we will most likely be able to get that brand at a discount. If we don't offer it, we will work on trying to get an agreement with such brand.

How do we pay?

A.  ODs United accepts Credit Card Payments via PayPal, and via our Website.  We understand that it costs us money, but it has proven to be the easiest way to complete the transaction. Also, many OD's like this option, so they can purchase larger quantities and take advantage of volume discounts, and pay over time. 

Do the Frames have Warranties?

UPDATED: Effective 02/10/17, ODs United now offers 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all Manufacturer's Defects. We will replace any defective frame purchased from us with the same model if possible. If not available, we will issue a credit for the purchased price to pick a similar model. No questions asked policy. Frame must be mailed back for inspection before credit is given. 

A. No, this was the trade-off agreed to by ODs United and frame companies. Warranties cost the companies a lot of money to process the returns.  The have agreed to give us discounts, if we promise to not send them back for warranty. We feel this is a great trade, as the return rate for quality eyewear is under 2% across all brands. The discounts saved at the time of purchase, far outweighs the money saved on warranties.  We recommend giving the customer a new frame, and calling in the scratch warranty for the leases. This will not happen very often to make a difference in the Cost of Goods.

What if you don't have the brand I'm looking for, can you order it?

A.  ODsUnited is constantly adding new frame brands.  We only showcase about 30% of the brands we carry.  Therefore, if you do not see the brand you would like, please email us at, and someone will send you more info about the brand you are looking for.


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