At the request of our members, we are now offering essential supplies to help practices ensure current health and safety standards.

Many eye doctors are still treating medical emergencies and need these essential supplies to ensure current safety guidelines.
  • Price: $6 each / $60.00 per pack.
  • Sold in 10-Packs Only, limited supply.
  • Max order of 100 units per member.
  • For doctors providing essential care.
  • FDA and CE Certified KN95 Masks.
  • 2-Week Delivery

kn95 mask hand sanitizer

Solutions to help you stay competitive

and your patients happy

We are #ODsUnited

We help private optometry offices find ways to carry designer frames and stay competitive.

What is #ODsUnited

We are optometry consultants, offering solutions to help you stay competitive in the market place.

Our Goal

To help Optometry offices with solutions increase practice’s revenue and lower cost of goods.

cash for frames

We buy frames!

Got unmovable frames in your inventory? Get cash for those “hard-to-sell” frames with our Frame Buying Program. Simply and easy application.

Get Cash For Your Frames Now
Don’t settle for unknown generic brands when you can carry designer frames from top brands.

Low minimum orders so you can carry a variety of the most popular brands in your practice.

Huge Savings

We partner with companies to get you maximum discounts on frames.

No Member Fees

No membership required. You buy what you want when you want.

Why we do it

To keep private Optometrists competitive. We are a company owned by practicing optometrists focused on helping Optometric Offices compete in the marketplace.

We only sell authentic designer frames. The low prices we sell these frames allows our practices to profit even when patients use their insurances.

All the top brands

We carry thousands of frames in stock from the most popular brands. The low prices are so accessible that some doctors purchase large quantities.

Learn From ODs Optical Experts

All ODs United members get a FREE optical assesment. With over 30 years of experience in the eyecare industry, we can show you how to:

  • Maximize sales and strategically select an efficient frames inventory
  • Game changer tips on how to maximize vision insurance
  • Strategies to compete with the big optical chains

Ready to lower your cost of goods?

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