We Buy Frames!

Get cash for your unwanted frames.

Our extensive network of doctors and opticians might find use for your “hard-to-sell” frames
buy frames cash

Unmovable frames in your inventory?

We understand that trends and styles come and go and sometimes our practices get stuck with too many frames that most likely will never sell.

In many cases, that old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can be true, and as optometrists consultants we see that every day within our own network.

we buy frames

Simple and Easy Process

To see if your frames qualify for an offer simply:

  • Take a good photo of the frames (or a few if you need)
  • Fill the form below and upload your photos. List the model numbers and qty available for each frame.

We will then review your frames and make an offer if they qualify. Once offer is accepted we will contact you for preferred payment method and instructions on how to ship the frames. We will also pay for shipping.

Why we do it

To keep private Optometrists competitive. We are a company owned by practicing optometrists focused on helping Optometric Offices compete in the marketplace.

We only sell authentic designer frames. The low prices we sell these frames allows our practices to profit even when patients use their insurances.

All the top brands

We carry thousands of frames in stock from the most popular brands. The low prices are so accessible that some doctors purchase large quantities.

Great way to increase cash flow and update inventory!


Frame Buying Program Application

Fill form below and upload photos.

Please list the brand name, model and quantity for each of the frames in the pictures.
Please upload quality images of the frames showing as much detail as possible.